Booking Terms and Conditions

Tickets are sold by the organiser, CMB Promotions Pty Ltd. All claims are the sole responsibility of the organiser and to the extent permitted by law, the organiser has no liability to you.

The following conditions are both for sale (including any resale or subsequent assignment) and conditions of attendance at the event:

  1. Once confirmed, ticket sales are final. No refunds or cancellations are available except as required by law.
  2. Tickets may be transferred to another person prior to the event. Where possible, the name of the new ticket holder should be advised to the organiser (using the contact form) as soon as possible. The onus is on the person who originally purchased the ticket to undertake the transfer, not the organiser.
  3. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and include local taxes (GST) where applicable.
  4. Paper tickets will be issued closer to the event date by mail. The address provided in your booking will be used to send out your ticket/s.
  5. Seating is allocated by the organiser and table location at the event is fully at the discretion of the organiser.
  6. Seating charts will be displayed outside the entrance doors to the venue and ticket holders are required to sit at their allocated table.
  7. No ticket holder may distribute or cause to be distributed any promotional material at the event without the express, written permission of the organiser. All such distribution is subject to an event sponsorship agreement.
  8. Tickets are subject to the conditions applicable to the venue where the event is presented.
  9. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the venue’s terms of admission.
  10. Ticket holder enters venue at own risk and must adhere to all house rules.
  11. The organiser may vary these Booking Terms and Conditions at any time. Any variations become effective on posting. By making a purchase through this website after the terms and conditions have been varied, you agree to be bound by the variation.